AGM: Responses to Shareholder Questions

Many thanks to all Shareholders who recently submitted questions for the upcoming AGMs. Responses to the themes in the questions received can be found here.

If you need to find out how many shares you currently hold - or advise of any change of address or other personal details - you will need to contact the registrar of the relevant VCT(s). You can contact the registrars or register for their online portal services (the links for which are given below - please note that to access this facility shareholders will need to quote the reference number shown on their share/dividend certificate.)

If you have any questions or need further information

Please contact the managers - Beringea LLP - 020 7845 7820 or email Teodora Petkova on

The data below is past performance and is not a reliable indicator of future results.




  • Where can I find information about my shareholding?

    Shareholders in the ProVen VCTs can manage their holdings online using the Shareholder Portals provided by the Company Registrars.  Links to these Portals can be found in both the Shareholder Area (see above) and under the ‘Key Facts’ section on the fund page of each VCT. 

    In order to register for this service, you will need to input your unique Investor Code or Shareholder Reference Number, which can be found on your share certificate and dividend tax vouchers.

    Alternatively, you can contact the Registrars directly by phone, letter or email.  Contact details can be found above.

    General information about each of the Proven VCTs can also be found in the “Our Funds” section of the website. Click here.

  • Dividend Queries

    What dividend payments have I received?

    You can use the Shareholder Portals provided by the Company Registrars to review details of dividend payments that have been made to you.  Links to the portals can be found above.  Alternatively, full details of all historic dividend payments can be found on each fund page. Click Here. Please note that past performance is no guide to future performance.


    When will I receive my next dividend payment?

    Although there are no regular payment dates scheduled for dividend payments, the dividend policy for each of the ProVen VCTs is as follows:


    ProVen VCT and ProVen Growth & Income VCT: The Companies have a target dividend yield of approx. 5% of Net Asset Value per year. The VCTs may pay a special dividend in addition to this, in the event of there being a realisation from the portfolio which results in an exceptionally large gain.


    These objectives are target dividends and there is no guarantee that they will be achieved.


    Can I reinvest my dividends?

    ProVen VCT and ProVen Growth & Income VCT both operate Dividend Reinvestment Schemes (DRIS).  Shareholders can enrol onto the scheme at any point by completing the Dividend Reinvestment Forms found here and returning them to the Company Registrar.  ProVen Planned Exit VCT does not operate a DRIS.


    Can my dividends be paid directly into my bank account?

    Yes, if you would like to register or amend your bank details, please complete the Bank Mandate Form found here, and return it to the Company Registrar.

  • How do I sell my shares?

    VCT shares are listed on The Stock Exchange and can be traded on that market.  However, as the secondary market for VCT shares tends to be relatively illiquid, the ProVen VCTs operate a buyback policy, whereby the Companies will purchase shares that become available in the market at a discount to the latest published net asset value (NAV).


    The ProVen VCT and ProVen Growth & Income VCT share buybacks operate at a 5% discount to NAV. ProVen Planned Exit VCT's buyback operates at a 0% discount to NAV.

    The number of shares that that each Company will buy back in any year will be limited to 10% of the number of shares in issue in the respective Company and may be restricted if necessary to maintain an appropriate level of liquidity.


    Any shareholder wishing to take advantage of the share buyback should instruct their broker to contact the Companies Corporate Broker by Panmure Gordon on:

    Chris Lloyd: 0207 886 2716

    Paul Nolan: 0207 886 2717


    Shareholders should be aware that if shares are sold within 5 years of the date of subscription, any initial tax relief claimed will have to be repaid.  If you are in any doubt about the implications of selling shares, please consult your independent financial adviser or authorised tax adviser.

  • How can I invest ProVen VCTs?

    Applications for new Ordinary Shares can be made when the funds are open for investment.

    Please visit Looking to Invest to find out all about our latest Offer, or call to speak to one of the team on 0207 845 7820.